Things To Think About Prior To Purchasing A Microwave Oven

Ways to Keep the Microwave Oven In Good Working Condition
March 13, 2024
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March 18, 2024
Ways to Keep the Microwave Oven In Good Working Condition
March 13, 2024
Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Redeem Their Cost?
March 18, 2024
Size Counts


One can base the microwave’s size on the size of the family. If you have more than two or three family members, a compact microwave (18 to 20 liters) should be sufficient. A bigger microwave with high power would be needed to prepare a supper for a large household. It would be better to use the mid-sized ones (20–23 liters).


Name Brand


Well-known companies like Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and IFB are among the top producers of microwave ovens in India. While most companies only provide a 1-year guarantee, IFB and Godrej often provide a 3-year brand warranty on heating components and bodies. In a similar vein, before deciding to purchase a brand, you may evaluate its features and other advantages as well as its after-sale services.


Automated Detector


When an automated sensor detects that the food is cooked to perfection, microwave ovens with this feature automatically shut off. It keeps meals from heating up too much. Thus, before making a choice, be sure the microwave has this feature.


Strength Assessment


The cooking time will decrease with increasing power rating. Generally speaking, the smaller ones use 800–1000 watts of electricity instead of the bigger ones’ 1000–1600 watts. It is not advisable to get a larger microwave than what your household need.


Control Panel

Purchasing a microwave with a mechanical control panel, or one that combines both mechanical and touch control panels, is preferable. Touch control panels have to be used cautiously since they are prone to failure, which is their sole negative. These days, the majority of businesses provide mechanical control panels for their luxury goods.


Child Safety Lock

Especially for families with children, this is another crucial element to take into account when purchasing a microwave oven. To prevent minors from using the oven, the Child Safety programme allows the control panel to be locked. By basically keeping the oven from being misused, this electronic lock device helps to prevent mishaps.


Use an Extended Warranty Plan to Keep It Safe.


Microwave problems can range in severity from minor to catastrophic. For example, a blown lightbulb or a turntable that won’t turn on in the microwave oven require immediate repair. The microwave oven may be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee for a year after that, after which you will have to pay for repairs.

Getting an Extended Warranty coverage for your microwave is the easiest method to prevent this.


Fortunately, you can have a professional microwave repair done by Onsitego at a time and location that suit you. You can generally prolong the life of your microwave by using only authentic spare parts for any replacements.

In order to provide extended protection if you want to buy a new microwave, we advise spending a little bit of money to get the Extended Warranty plan in addition to the equipment.



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