Is Your Air Duct Clean Enough? One of the Reason behind Dubai’s Breathing Problems

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November 10, 2023
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November 20, 2023

The desert-like atmosphere and intense summer times are characteristics of Dubai’s climate. On the other hand, the state of your AC ducts’ hygiene affects the condition of the air you breathe inside your home.

Let’s talk about the consequences of skipping cleaning your ducts and the need of periodic care.

Battle with the Unknown Allergens

Allergy sufferers may notice irritation because contaminations are circulated via unclean air ducts. Flue, eye irritation, dermatitis, and asthma are all possible everyday challenges. Unhealthy indoor air quality can be particularly problematic asthmatic for people. Breathing becomes more difficult and might be aggravated by airborne mold and dust particles in the air around you. Particularly among kids and seniors are more predisposed to breathing-related problems, pollen and allergens in unclean airways can aggravate lung disease. Persistent breathing problems and diminished activity in the lungs can result from prolonged exposure to low indoor air standards, that may prove especially dangerous in places like UAE.

Let’s Explore Your Solutions…

  • Circulation Inspection and Repair: To lower the moisture content and lower the chance of mold formation, assure that your home’s air conditioning system is operating properly.
  • Check for Mold: Mold likes damp environments, particularly ones with high humidity like Dubai. Check your ducts frequently for indications of mold development and take quick action if necessary.
  • Maintain and Replace Air Screens if Needed: Make sure your air conditioning system’s filtering systems are changed on occasion. The following enhances enclosed ventilation by assisting in the collection of airborne contaminants.
  • Make an Appointment with expert for Maintenance: Professionals in Al Naveed AC Repair & Maintenance Services with the necessary training can give your ducts a complete cleaning, getting rid of mold, dust, and numerous other impurities.


It’s essential for yourself to keep your air passages well-maintained in Dubai, because air conditioning is a must. Consider preventative measures to protect your and your family’s well-being and preserve the standard of the air within the walls of your house.

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